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Pasin-Pin System

The Pasin-Pin System was developed to provide maximum flexibility in orthodontic therapy.

The coupling possibility between implant and anchoring apparatus is not system bound and therefore offers
the therapist maximum freedom of treatment. All forms of round and rectangular wires up to a dimension of
1.15 mm (0.046 inches) can be securely and stably fixed by means of a screwable connection.

Pasin-Pin implants are manufactured of Grade 5 titanium (Ti6AL4V) and have a self drilling, self cutting thread.
This material above all distinguishes itself through high tensile strength and biocompatibility. Especially for
orthodontic implants with a small diameter this material has excellent mechanical properties and sturdiness.

Further properties and characteristics of the Pasin-Pin

The Pasin-Pin is available in different diameters and lengths for upper jaw and lower jaw.
he length specification of the Pasin-Pin results from the thread length and trans gingival portion.

The head of the Pasin-Pin has a slot width of 1.2 mm (0.047 inches).

The fixing of the coupling elements (square wires, round wires etc.) is performed by means of the screwable
connection Pasin-Pin Fix Cap. In addition with non-slot filling wires, a light curing composite can be used to
stabilise the wire.

Rotation stability: With a disassembly of the orthodontic apparatus from the Pasin-Pin, respectively when
releasing the screwed Pasin-Pin Fix Cap, through stabilisation of the apparatus the implant becomes
rotation stable, and unintentional unscrewing of the implant is prevented.

The small distance of only 0.4 mm between the trans gingival implant section and anchoring wire ensures low
lever and shearing forces, which prevents loosening of the implant.

The Pasin-Pin is supplied in sterile condition and guarantees an absolutely clean surface. The surface is free
from organic and inorganic particles and toxins to prevent premature implant loss.

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